This affordable course has everything you need to feel confident and prepared going into your treatment. There are 10 main modules and 8 bonus videos, along with 15 PDF resources and a guided meditation and is designed to give you confidence and make you feel prepared for your IVF journey.

After a one-time purchase, you have lifetime access to the content. You’ll learn about how to select an IVF clinic, what to expect from your first consultation and the various types of hormone stimulation protocols. You’ll also get an in-depth description of the egg collection procedure and find out how to best prepare for the retrieval and the days following.

There are videos of the different types of fertilisation methods and images of embryo development to better understand what exactly happens in the laboratory after your egg collection. You’ll find out what may happen on the day of your embryo transfer and get prepared for discussions that may take place between you and the doctor and the embryologist.

We’ll also cover various occurrences of things that may go wrong, which could cause a cycle to get cancelled or lead to not having fresh transfer.

This course has been created to help you make informed decisions and help you manage expectations throughout your journey. If you want to get educated and prepared before your upcoming IVF cycle – this course is perfect for you.

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