Living Lēla has created a compilation of their most powerful and proven mind-body practices to optimize fertility in the Soulful Conceptions™ Your Fertility Toolkit™ mini-course. Curated exclusively for the IVF Babble Community (and FREE!), their goal is to help you move through your fertility journey with a sense of ease and empowerment, and to shift the focus from baby-making to Mama-making!

Your Fertility Toolkit™ includes:

✓ Yoga asana (poses)
✓ Pranayama (breathing techniques)
✓ Meditations and mindfulness practices
✓ Emotional well-being (psychology)
✓ Education on environmental impacts on fertility
✓ Gems of wisdom

All tools and practices shared are safe, even if you are doing assisted reproductive techniques (ART). No prior yoga experience required!

Drawing from both Eastern and Western psychology and yoga/wellness teachings, Wendy and Deborah have been supporting women (and their partners) for collectively over 25 years, and both have experienced their own fertility challenges. They created a comprehensive program so individuals all over the world can now access these powerful tools (via any computer or mobile device) from the comfort of home (or while sitting in the doctor’s office).